How We Work

Looking to stay in the loop on upcoming auctions, sales, and manage your favorite properties?
Delinquent tax collections, tax lien sales, foreclosures, and auctions all have specific details that must be given adequate attention—otherwise, you can end up with a financial mess on your hands. Whether you’re a government official, investor, or buyer, our method of managing these complex processes is designed to ensure you are comfortable—and set up for success—from start to finish.

Government Partners

Let Us Take Care of the Logistics
You’ve got taxpayers to focus on. We’ll take care of delinquencies and sales. When you choose SRI as your trusted partner, we’ll help you:
  • Create a schedule of events
  • Ensure all tasks are completed according to the statutory timeline
  • Complete all noticing requirements—on time
  • Conduct auctions
  • Build a management system for each parcel throughout the entire process
  • Handle all post-sale interest or redemption calculations

Are you a government official looking for help?

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Buy With Confidence
Whether you’ve done this many times or you’re looking to start investing with your first property, the process can be complicated. It helps to have a dedicated partner providing unparalleled customer service in your corner. When you work with SRI, we’ll ensure you:
  • Have access to a list of available properties
  • Understand the rules of all sales
  • Receive necessary payment details for winning bids
  • Obtain and understand an overview of the tax sale process
  • Have the ability to pre-register for live auctions
  • Have access to auction/county-specific sales documents