Julie Fox

Executive Director of Client Services
Experience in multiple elected roles and a heart dedicated to serving.
Julie comes to the SRI Team with a great variety of experience in local, county and state government. Julie’s vast experiences provide a unique perspective on the services that SRI provides. She knows what working with SRI is like from her days in county government. For over 38 years Julie enjoyed working in county government. Her most recent role was serving for eight years as the Marshall County Auditor. Serving for two terms in this capacity allowed her to push the office forward with technology, transparency, and efficiency. Managing the tax sale and certificate sale functions were key functions of her role as county auditor. Julie believes in the SRI team concept and the services provided to taxpayers by returning properties to the tax rolls with taxpayers paying their fair share and keeping the tax rates as low as possible for all taxpayers.

Julie has received numerous awards for servitude, experience in multiple elected roles and a heart dedicated to serving the public. Julie is proud to join the team at SRI. When Julie isn’t working, she can be found kayaking on a river or riding her beloved horse, Sadie.

Dream Vacation: Beach resort or cruise with all the elected officials I’ve met along the way!
Bucket List: Exploring the Greek Isles
Favorite Weekend Activity: Kayaking and horseback riding
Favorite Singer: Canadian Singer Michael Bublé’
Favorite Song: Love of Jesus Down in My Heart
Random/Fun fact:
Born and raised in Bremen, Indiana – Home of Governor Otis R. Bowen

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