Justin White

Director of Business Development
Justin was presented with the opportunity to serve as Treasurer of Posey County, IN and this is when his love for county and local government began.
Industry Background: After college just began his career in Human Resource’s at the corporate Headquarters’ for Shoe Carnival in Evansville, IN. From there he went on to work at AIG, Inc in Human Resources as well as Regulatory Compliance. Justin advanced his career when he took a new position at Fifth Third Bank headquartered in Cincinnati, OH where he was responsible for building new client relationships and driving sales growth. In 2013, Justin was presented with the opportunity to serve as the Treasurer of Posey County, IN. This is when his love for county government began. During his five years serving as Treasurer, Justin learned the methods and software used by government offices across the state. He forged many relationships with fellow office holders and served as Co-Chair of the Legislative Committee for the County Treasurer’s Association.

Focus / Specialties: Justin prides himself on always putting his clients first and making sure they know how important they are to him. He has built many lasting friendships throughout his career in local government, and he looks forward to the future and continuing to serve his fellow clients and friends.

Favorite thing about SRI? Being a member of the SRI Family, because that’s truly what it is. This isn’t a corporate machine, it’s a family-owned business who cares for their employees and their clients. There is something special about working with county government and I’m blessed I get the opportunity to do so.

Favorite weekend activity? I’m a dog dad to Patrick, he’s a Boston Terrier and the apple of my eye. You’ll find us walking trails or playing outdoors. I also enjoy trail riding on my mountain bike and playing golf.

Dream Vacation? Tahiti

Top bucket list item? Seeing the Northern Lights

Favorite Song? I can’t pick just one!

Favorite Musician? Dolly Parton

Random/Fun Fact about you: I have 24 teeth versus the normal 32

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